• Are you looking to move into a strategic role in the near future or you would like to learn the latest trends, techniques in your field or you are starting some key initiatives in your verticals or you are a knowledge maven who are looked upon for support by your peers and would like to stay ahead in your learning curve.

    The answer to all the above is earning a Licentiate.

    The WHRB Licentiate in HR Business Partner is where business knowledge and academic excellence meet, producing one of the most popular programs in the world to learn about human resource training and development. HR Curriculum is highly relevant and integrates real world challenges with a content rich human resource learning environment.

    • Licentiate gives you credibility which companies look for in their specialist
    • Licentiate gives you critical skills to be a specialist in a function
    • Licentiate gives you tools & techniques in specific verticals
    • Licentiate give a jumpstart to your career
    • Licentiate increase your chance of hike in the salary
    • Licentiate helps you gain skills to build critical processes
    • Licentiate gives you a branding of a specialist of your discipline

    The Licentiate in HR Business Partner is our flagship program. With only 5 scholarship seats per city, competition for places on this select program is fierce.


    1. MEHR’S - Certified HR Business Partner
    2. MEHR’S - Certified Talent Management Analyst(E-Learning)
    3. MEHR’S - Certified Employee Engagement and Retention Professional(E-Learning)
  • Certified HR Business Partner
    • MODULE 1: Sensitize
    • MODULE 2: Strategize
    • MODULE 3: Operationalize
    • MODULE 4: Revize
    Certified Talent Management Analyst(E-Learning)
    • MODULE 1: Overview on Talent Management
    • MODULE 2: Startegy
    • MODULE 3: Buy and Build Starategy
    • MODULE 4: Cost management and ROI
    Certified Employee Engagement and Retention Professional(E-Learning)
    • MODULE 1: Retention Cost
    • MODULE 2: Attrition Analysis and Diagnosis
    • MODULE 3: Reducing Attrition through Hiring
    • MODULE 4: Reducing Attrition through Compensation
    • MODULE 5: Reducing Attrition through Motivational Techniques
    • MODULE 6: Reducing Attrition through Culture and Emerging Techniques


Watch this video to know why you need Licentiate certification