Certified Assessment Center Analyst (CACA)

  • The use of the Assessment Center method to map employee competencies and look for leadership cadres has become increasingly widespread. The validity of the Assessment Center method is indeed relatively high, but this is also determined by the skills of the assessors who carry out this method.

    By the end of the program you will learn:

    • About skills required as an assessor professional in the assessment center method
    • How to carry out the assessor function
    • Understand concepts, practices, benefits and issues related to the Assessment Center
    • How to conduct observations on behaviors during the Assessment Center training
    • How to classify the behavior of observations into competencies according to the assessment criteria
    • How to conduct an assessment of the behavior of observations in accordance with the required competency criteria
    • How to integrate data about behavior; make conclusions from each of the existing criteria
    • How to provide assessment feedback

    Who should attend?

    • Human Resource Professionals
    • Talent Management Professionals
    • Training and Development Professionals
    • OD Professionals
    • Any Manager
  • MODULE 1:Overview on Assessment Center
    • What are Assessment Centers
    • Historical Perspective on Assessment Center
    • Basic Steps Followed in an Assessment Center
    • Types of Techniques Used in Assessment Centers
    • Designing an Assessment Center
    • Assessment Matrix
    • Common Uses of an Assessment Center
    • Benefits and Limitations
    MODULE 2:Mapping Competency
    • What is Competency
    • Competency Mapping and Framework
    • Analyze Functional Skills using interviews, questionnaires, job element analysis, critical incident method etc.
    • Behavioral Job Analysis through threshold trait analysis, Quancomm framework etc.
    MODULE 3:Short listing and Filtering
    • Short listing- Knowledge of Matching CVs
    • The Process of Short listing
    • Filtering
    • Knowledge Based Filtering
    • Skill Based Filtering
    • Behavioral Filtering
    MODULE 4:Selecting and Evaluating Exercises
    • An overview of Techniques Used
    • Overview of Exercises like functional simulation and behavioral exercises
    • Types of Functional Simulation Exercises
    • Types of Behavioral Exercises
    • Interview Types in an Assessment Center
    • Tests Used in Assessment Center like inventory based, MBTI, TAT, projective tests, 16 PF etc.
    • Selection of Techniques for an Assessment Centers using reliability and validity tools
    MODULE 5:Assessment Matrix and Evaluation Formats
    • Assessment Matrix
    • Formats Used for Evaluating or Rating Candidates like evidence sheets
    • Using BARS
    MODULE 6:Skills Required by an Assessor
    • The Role of an Assessor
    • Giving Feedback to the Candidate using ORSCED process – observing, recording, summarizing, classifying, evaluating, decision making

Why you should enroll for Certification in Certified Assessment Center Analyst

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16-03-19 6 Weeks


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