Certification in Business Analysis

  • Are you a passionate learner looking for growth and enhance your expertise in the area of Business Analytics?
    Are you not able to find adequate learning opportunities within your organization to learn and implement Business Analytics practices?

    By learning Business Analytics, you will learn how to use analytics in different management functions. You will also be able to visualize data and gather insights from data.
    We believe we can support your learning and growth in the area Business Analytics. Our globally validated certification, Certified Business Analytics (CBA), will not only help you master the topics of Business Analytics but also gives you practical understanding through project work with the support of our project coaches. Even after completion of the certification, you will also get our continuous support through applied learning coaching for 1 year at no extra cost.

    By the end of the program you will learn:

    • Usage of Analytics in Different Management Functions
    • Visualizing Data and Gathering Insights from Data
    • Hypothesis development with levels of Confidence
    • Interpreting the Regression Output & Forecasting
    • Using Scenario manager & Solver add in for business decisions
    • Making Predictions For Future Using Data

    Who should attend?

    • Channel Sales Manager, Key Accounts Manager, Business Development Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Area/Territory Sales Manager, Sales Trainer, Team Leader, National Sales Manager, VP/GM/Head – Sales
    • Market Research – Manager, Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Head – Advertising, VP/GM/Head – Marketing
    • Head/VP/GM – Operations, Operations Director, Operations Manager
    • HR Manager, HR Business Partner, Payroll/Compensation - Head/Mgr, Recruitment - Head/Mgr, Training & Development - Head/Mgr, Appraisals - Head/Mgr, Industrial Relations/Personnel Manager, VP/GM - HR

    Middle Earth HR is an approved provider with the HR Certification Institute (HRCI) and recognized to offer recertification credits.

  • MODULE 1: Introduction to Business Analytics
    • Need for analytics
    • Definition and Evaluation
    • Usage of Analytics in different management functions
    MODULE 2: Descriptive Analytics
    • Describing and summarizing the data
    • Key statistical functions
    • Usage of advanced excel functions
    • Visualizing the data & gathering insights from data
    • Interactive dashboard with slicer
    MODULE 3: Hypothesis Building
    • Data collection
    • Exploratory data & Cluster analysis
    • Sampling and estimation
    • hypothesis development with levels of confidence
    MODULE 4: Correlation & Linear Regression Chi square test
    • Correlation analysis
    • Performing regression analysis
    • Interpreting the regression output & forecasting
    • Chi square testing to check linearity
    MODULE 5: Prescriptive Analysis
    • Optimization problems
    • Identifying the constraints
    • Using scenario manager & solver add in business decisions
    MODULE 6: Lifecycle of Business Analysis
    • Lifecycle of analytics
    • Integration & implementation of analytics
    • Making predictions for future use data
    • Real life case study analysis
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