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A recent survey of more than 2,000 employees reveals organizations that offer professional development opportunities have employees who are 15 % more engaged in their work. When it comes to retention, such organizations also have 34 % higher rates than their competition. With the advent of virtual learning, this skill has become critical for organizational survival. One of the most important aspects of L & D, is ID and the job is to create create purposeful, engaging and educational experiences that successfully address the specific needs of adult learners. Most important, it has to be relevant – and measurable - and lead to quantifiable results. Our workshop – Certified Instructional Designer (CID) is scientifically designed to create and deliver powerful learning content - which is both measurable and memorable. Let’s see what our participants have to say …..

Designation : Senior Manager Learning Development
Industry : Manufacturing
Name : Surabh Singh Kushwah
Designation : Manager
Designation : L & D Trainer
Industry : BPO
Designation : Reginoal Manager
Industry : Services
Designation : Training Manager
Industry : Life Style Industry
Designation : Deputy Manager
Industry : Learning & Development IT
Name : Jalapa Gajria
Designation : Training & Development Lead
Industry : EdTech
Name : Sujatha Salian Akula
Designation : Manager

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