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CAMI Research
CAMI research offers a database of fresh insights and viewpoints, based on a wide variety of facts gleaned from original research in many areas of HR - OD & strategic HR, training & development, compensation and performance, talent management.
WHRB Research
WHRB is a not for profit organization focusing on peer to peer learning and development of HR Leadership through scholarship and peer events

The Climber - X10 Productivity Workshop. (X10)

Are you in an environment: Where you are expected to continuously increase productivity? Feel that your team requires a push to achieve their targets? Feels stretched , stressed and drained out at times? Want to get some tools by which your employees can enhance their performance immensely? Want to move into an effortless high productivity zone ?Then this is the workshop for you. Understand what differentiates the climber from a  camper and a quitter and learn productivity  tools like the High Performance Trishul , the ABCD time enhancement matrix , the performance Fishbone  in a fun filled but reflective workshop. Learn to reduce stress through belief management and aspirational techniques.
By the end of the workshop the participants will learn to:

  • Identify who is an extremely high productive person
  • Identify the qualities of a climber
  • Become a climber
  • Understand the Iceberg model
  • Learn about the Productivity Trishul
  • Understand the 4 step career conversation
  • Learn to apply the EDGE model
  • Understand the Fishbone model
  • Learn to manage Emotional Intelligence in self
  • Identify the situations and beliefs which affects the emotional state
  • Understand and practice Visualisation


Module 1 : Inner Productivity

  • What are you?
  • The Climber Transcend
  • Qualities of a Climber
  • Qualities of a Camper
  • Qualities of a Quitter
  • Critical task

Module 2:  Outer Productivity

  • Ice Berg Model
  • The Productivity Trishul
  • The 4 step Career Conversation
  • The EDGE Model
  • The Fish Bone Model

Module 3:  Emotional Strength

  • Why is  Emotional Intelligence  important?
  • Manage EI in self
  • Short Term – Situational
  • Long Term - Aspirational
  • Visualization
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