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CAMI Research
CAMI research offers a database of fresh insights and viewpoints, based on a wide variety of facts gleaned from original research in many areas of HR - OD & strategic HR, training & development, compensation and performance, talent management.
WHRB Research
WHRB is a not for profit organization focusing on peer to peer learning and development of HR Leadership through scholarship and peer events

Dual Certification Program in Leading Strategic Growth & Change (DCPL)

MEHR , Asia’s leading HR Training Company and IIM Indore India’s leading Management Institute are pleased to bring to you a unique Dual Certification Program in Leading Strategic Growth &Change - A Fully Residential Program at IIM Indore.

IIM Strategic Thinking Certification

MEHR’s OD Tools Certification

  • Group Process Consulting
  • HPI Modeling
  • Skill  for  Group  Process Consulting 

The Strategic Thinking  Programme helps Foster Innovative techniques and models to build corporate Strategy.

This program compliments the functional understanding with a greater cross functional knowledge on a more strategic level, for strategic transformations.

The Certification in OD Tools course consists of tools and methodologies on group process management, people management tools , Human performance improvement processes , employee negotiations and trust building techniques. At the end of the course participants will be equipped to handling groups better and help build high performance groups and teams where they work.

Certification ON OD Tools

MODULE 1: Group Process Consulting

  • Successful Teams
  • Action Research Process    
  • Future State Analysis - AI
  • Group Process Model

MODULE 2: HPI Modeling

  • Human Performance Technology        
  • Performance Model                                                      
  • HPT Analysis Models                                                                                                             

MODULE 3: Skill  for  Group  Process Consulting 

  • Conversational Intelligence                                                                          
  • Guided Listening 

2 day IIM Strategic Thinking Certification AT IIM Indore Campus

Day 1

  • Competitive Advantage
  • Key learning area 1 - Five Forces
  • Key learning area 2 - Resource Based View Approach to Strategy
  • Key learning area 3 - Corporate Strategy

Day 2

  • Managing Mergers & Acquisitions
  •   and Joint Ventures Strategically  
  • Balance Score Card (Using the Balanced Scorecard as a Strategic Management System)
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Strategic Leadership
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