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CAMI Research
CAMI research offers a database of fresh insights and viewpoints, based on a wide variety of facts gleaned from original research in many areas of HR - OD & strategic HR, training & development, compensation and performance, talent management.
WHRB Research
WHRB is a not for profit organization focusing on peer to peer learning and development of HR Leadership through scholarship and peer events

Certification on Advanced Training Techniques (CATT)

The Advanced Training Techniques program of Carlton Advanced Management Institute, USA is being done in India in association with Middle Earth HR - World's 7th Largest HR Training Company. ATT is an advanced training program for highly experienced trainers. This program is exceedingly   focused on interactivity inside the classroom and the activities that can improve the effectiveness of learning. It explores various modes of technologies that can be used in and outside the classroom to stimulate sharing of knowledge and building interactivity among the participants. You also get an insight on how to train and support an employee post training to increase the transfer of knowledge to workplace

By the end of this workshop you’ll learn:

  • This course is all about getting familiarized with advanced training techniques and tools to be included in the class curriculum to make the class more interesting and also about how to ensure the effective transfer of knowledge to the workplace.
  • You would learn how to make a class more interesting and interactive by using various tools like guided, process and online.
  • You will be able to watch Kolbe’s learning cycle closely and in detail, with the real life applications involved at each stage.
  • You will learn the application of technologies and mobile apps in making training effective
  • Learn more about different classroom exercises
  • Learn more about the tools to energize the participants
  • Learn how to increase the transfer the learning from training to workplace and assist the participants with post-training coaching

MODULE 1: Facilitator led interaction

  • How to build interactive lectures?
  • Gagne’s 9 event instruction with the relevance and real life applications of each stage
  • How to use the following tools in classroom for better interactivity: Guided listening tools, Process tools and Technology/Mobile based tools
  • How to use the following tools to make class more interesting: Icebreakers, Energizers, Plus-minus interesting, Online polling tool

MODULE 2: Participants led interaction

  • Explain and illustrate various activities that can be carried out in the classroom
  • Familiarizing various exercises and its effectiveness through case studies and reports.
  • Learn to implement the reflective exercises and its relevance in experiential learning.
  • Understanding the Kolbe’s learning cycle and its application in real life

MODULE 3: Post training interactions

  • Learn and understand the relevance of post-training coaching
  • What are the different ways through which we can conduct post-training coaching?
  • What are the advantages conducting a post training coaching?
  • How to evaluate post-training coaching effectively?
  •  Learn and apply TRANSFER model effectively
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