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CAMI Research
CAMI research offers a database of fresh insights and viewpoints, based on a wide variety of facts gleaned from original research in many areas of HR - OD & strategic HR, training & development, compensation and performance, talent management.
WHRB Research
WHRB is a not for profit organization focusing on peer to peer learning and development of HR Leadership through scholarship and peer events

Certified Executive and Life Coach (CELC)

Industry sector is continuously facing an ever-increasing rate of change in the functions and the work environment. In such conditions, managers are challenged to provide employees with a sense of direction, feedback and guidance to their subordinates. They themselves are in need to be successful and to have positive thinking so that they can impact the same on their teams and the organization. They need to function as a guide by the side of their juniors and not as a sage on the stage. This 2-day training program will equip managers with the necessary coaching and counseling skills to address employee performance and behavior, and to improve their motivation and productivity. In the Executive and Life Coach program, you'll learn to take people from adequacy to excellence.
On completion of this program, the participant will:
• Understand the basics of coaching, the different phases and approaches to coaching
• Person Centered Therapy Carl Rogers
• Replicate coaching conversations
• Help the coachee identify and set goals
• Understand RSI for Value Analysis
• Conduct a Motivational Interview
• Understand the dynamics and influencers of beliefs
• Prepare a Social Screening Template – ‘negativators’ and ‘motivators’
• Analyze habit loops and dysfunctional habits
• Capture coachee’s knowledge and skills through BARS
• Analyze habit loops and dysfunctional habits
• Individual Development Plan
• Identify coachee’s Learning Styles with Honey-Mumford Learning Tool
• Manage emotions through empathy
• Understand the relevance of Deep Practice
• Handle defensiveness and deliver feedback
• Reflect on activities through journal documentation
This training program consists of 5 modules with various topics covered under each head. This program deepens your knowledge and provides skills that are related to coaching. Participants will be able to go back to their organizations with a positive experience which can be confidently shared and developed; organizations can use this workshop to initiate the introduction of a coaching culture or to further enhance and clarify existing practice.
This training program is for supervisors/managers, HR managers.
2 DAY (14.5 hrs)


MODULE 1: Build Trust
  • Definition of Coaching
  • Qualities of a Coach
  • Why Leaders Today Must Be Skilled at Coaching
  • Five Phases of Coaching
  • Approaches to Coaching: Directive and Non-Directive
  • Coaching Conversation – 5C Model
  • MODULE 2: Understand Goals
  • Identification of Goals and Roles through Obituary
  • RSI for Value Analysis
  • Creation of Value Centric Goal Statements
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Questioning tools – SPIN Model, Probing, Body Language
  • MODULE 3: Diagnose Change
  • Realizing Motivation based on Time
  • Understanding Dynamics of Beliefs, Influencers of your Beliefs
  • Preparation of Social Screening Template – ‘negativators’ & ‘motivators’
  • Transform ‘negativators’ into ‘motivators’ through Transformational Conversatio
  • Understanding Habit Loops, Dysfunctional Habits through Tools like Force Field Analysis, Why Why Analysis
  • Identification of Trigger Points for Habit Loops – Create Response Practice
  • Checking Knowledge & Skills through BARS
  • Understanding the Coachee’s Learning Styles with Honey-Mumford Learning Tool
  • Develop Learning Plan for Skills and Knowledge as per Learning Style
  • MODULE 4: Develop & Support
  • Managing Emotions
  • Understanding the Usage of Empathy
  • Deep Practice
  • Handling Defensiveness
  • Delivering Reinforcing Feedback
  • Delivering Corrective Feedback
  • MODULE 5: Your Growth
  • Journalizing
  • Reflection
  • Methodology
    Location Company Feedback
    Mumbai Leighton Welspun Contractors Pvt Ltd Retail Wholesome,Structured,Informative, Well Presented.
    @?joise Luke - Human Resources Manager?
    Mumbai Leighton Welspun Contractors Pvt Ltd Retail Its An Excellent Session ,Very Knowledgable And Also Wider Our Knowledge Regarding The Employment Labour Law.
    @Uvika Sudhran - Jr. HR Executive
    Mumbai Leighton Welspun Contractors Pvt Ltd Retail Very Interesting And Refreshing.
    @Shijith George - Sr. Executive - HR & Labour Compliance
    Mumbai Leighton Welspun Contractors Pvt Ltd Retail The Overall Session Was Very Knowledgable ,An Eyeopner In Many Aspects, A Very Good Refresher Course And Apt To The Problems/Issues Which We Are Currently Are Handling.
    @Poornima Sharma - Deputy Manager-HR
    Mumbai Leighton Welspun Contractors Pvt Ltd Retail Very Good And Interesting !
    @Saroja Kanche - Assistant Manager - HR

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