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Become a Mentor

Minimum Requirements to be a Mentor:
  • The alumni should have a High distinction or High Honors in Fellowship / Licentiate Programs.
  • The alumni should have minimum 5 years of experience in the related HR domain.
Please fill in the registration form:
Benefits to Mentor
  1. Mentor's name will be published with photograph as Project Mentor in our website.
  2. Certificate of mentorship will be given to mentors for a period of one year.
  3. Of course the real life learning which can be presented in your resume is invaluable.
Commitments to Mentor
  1. Your name with a contact option on mail will be there on the MEHR website - we operate in 20 cities with around 50-100 participants per city they may contact you for an appointment.
  2. You will receive request for a teleconference or personal meeting from people doing the project in those areas - you will schedule a time for such a teleconference or meeting and discuss with them on the project area.
  3. This will happen probably for one or two times in a month as there will at least one other mentor in the city.

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