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Recent Press Releases

Sunday Times Of India
Can rappelling down a hill be more than that? Can trekking in the middle of the night, be more than sheer adventure? Yes, if your employer cares for more than just having you work and go back home. At least that's what the buzzword is. So if rappelling can tell you how to deal with change, trekking can teach you how to work as a team. It's little surprise that companies in Hvderabad are going that extra mile to...

A new face of public trainings and course certification is about to be introduced as Gricunas launches various customised services to suit the needs of professionals who want to enhance their work productivity...

Sunday Express
Former wicket keeper Syed Kirmani affects a West Indian shrug while recounting an anecdote during a talk on How to build a world Class team at the ISB in Hyderabad

Metro Plus
Jim Claitors interview in the newspaper The Hindu Making employee stay HR trainer4 Jim Claitor shares views on employee retention

City Express
Jim Claitors interview in Local newspaper Indian Express The organizations should assess their organizational culture, create a meaning and purpose for employees, appreciate their contributions


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