Corporate Training Companies

Middle Earth HR provides world class customized training solutions to meet company’s specific business needs, bolster core HR competencies, improve performance of managers, increase productivity so that organisations achieve their strategic objectives. We design, develop and deliver a range of innovative learning solutions from interactive workshops that focus on HR capability building, Leadership development and Outbound trainings.

Benefits of Middle Earth's Inhouse Trainings -

  • Customized design using multiple methods of learning
  • In-depth industry experienced facilitators
  • Mixture of a variety of informal and formal learning methodologies
  • Case studies from real-life scenarios, company specific discussions, exercises, simulations
  • Practical applied learning using projects
  • Cost efficient
  • Quality of deliverables validated by over 5000 company referrals


To know how we can impact productivity and performance in your organization, in your specific industry and significantly contribute to the bottom line, get in touch with us today.
Contact :
Supriya Chennuri
+91 9885439013.