YOLO – You Only Live Once.

Anita Simson

Manager – Human Resources

Towell Mattress & Furniture Industry 

YOLO- You Only Live Once.

 A simple, yet worldly fact you realize only once the time is up. Now, in fact you are blessed to be in todays’ world than any generation had ever lived. You are leading a far comfortable, far luxurious life than any of your previous generations. A techno world… an info world…wherein everything is available at a click. You can be happy taking a virtual world tour sitting at your desk. It’s simply a VR World- Virtual Reality world.

But the question here is… Are you alive? Do you live? It’s high time now you understand the difference between living and existing. Life- should not  be mechanical, robotic or just cybernetic. You need to live to your heart’s content. It’s your life… and you only live once. Why realize it later or why let go our hay days?

Live the way you want… the only rule of this game that you need to follow is- you- here, is not harming anyone or anything in this whole process. Living to fulfill your wish is not disobeying others or not disrespecting anybody. Love your life and live your life for the only one reason that it’s yours and it passes by every moment. Empathize- no moment passed by ever comes back. You are never credited with any of your passed time. You need to simply understand this and then you will value your life more. Remember one thing- after you- others only regret for the things not done by you for them. Nobody is bothered, nobody cares what you couldn’t achieve or whether you lived happily or not?

Don’t apprehend me wrong- it’s not about being self-centered. It simply means you live your life on your terms and you stand-up for yourself and what you strongly believe in. If your happiness is in something grasp it, as no one else is/was ever eager to make you happy.

I am not here to give you means and techniques to be happy. But one thing I am sure is how to stay unhappy- ‘Try making everyone around you happy’ is the unbiased  dose of making yourself unhappy. One life is truly short to make everyone around you happy and in this process one thing is sure-shot – you stay unhappy. Then, why try this?

Practically, what happens is you lead a life wanting to make everyone else happy and in the process you lose yourself… I mean you completely forget yourself. Other’s happiness, other’s comfort overshadows everything else in your life. And, here you live- at least you think that you are living. And… there comes a day, you realize that you forgot to live for yourself and many of your dreams and wishes remain unfulfilled. Here, you get frustrated, exasperated and sometimes angry… and nobody is bothered. They find you rude, disgusting and many a times unwanted. This makes you more frustrated. Hence, the word ‘depression’ creeps in and you step into depression mode. Today the world is filling in with depressed souls. Strangely and ironically, instead of cutting this down, they are interested in marketing anti-depressants.

Now…Imagine a world- where everyone loves themselves, harms none and stay happy… what a lovely world it would be! Fantasy- is what this statement would be stated off! Is it too much to ask for? Looks like…

Forget about changing the whole world. At the minimum, initiate the beginning… change yourself. Start living. Start enjoying this very moment… live for yourself! Staying alive is quintessential- postponing your today’s happiness is very much like committing suicide in installments. With the passing days, you are just carrying your body – the remains and not living.

It’s seen that you postpone your things for tomorrow… the tomorrow that you haven’t yet seen. Who knows that you will be there to welcome this tomorrow and whether this tomorrow will ever come. It’s truly said that- Tomorrow never comes… what is true is the present. Live in the present and present yourself with the most precious ‘life’.

But, now as I say, we live in the most luxurious, very advanced and latest version of ever-lived world. And, so we get to know things quite early, easily and readily. We know what went wrong with others and where they landed. So, it’s time to hit the bull’s-eye. Don’t miss the chance of living your life. It’s only once’ guys- that means… hit or miss. So we will miss ‘miss’ and hit the right button. ‘Be happy’- should be the only motto.

Do all those things that makes you happy, that you ever wanted to do and to not to be monotonous- Once in a while question yourself- ‘When was the last time I did something for the first time’? OR ‘When was the last time that I really lived’? If you pause for an answer to this or start with an uhh’… uhh’ crushed in your recollecting those moments… You are NOT living…

It’s never late to start living for yourself… Do it before it’s too late… Discover and rediscover yourself!

Happy living! And stay Alive!! You Only Live Once!!!

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