Work – life balance for women


Neha Saini

Manager- Human Resource

Yatra Company

Work – life balance for women

When we talk about maintaining work-life balance, the foremost thing that struck in our mind is about offering various options to our female employees, so that they can smoothly transition during the most important stage of their life- from a wife to a mother.

Lot of corporate are coming with different ways to support women at work but in order to make it successful for the organization, it is important that their also managers believe in it and give buy-in to this cause.

For women to take maternity benefits, it is important that her manager understands her need and give her a confidence that she will be given warm welcome on her return. Therefore, it is important for companies to educate their managers about driving maternity benefits effectively for their female colleagues. And for this, companies can make it mandatory as part of manager’s training program on how to create cohesive work culture.

Once this is ensured, the next step is to do career planning for the women once they are back to work from their maternity leaves. This is the time when she is highly insecure about how her career will shape up in the organization. Along with extended maternity leaves or work from home, this could also be another tool to retain female employees. A manager can sit with her and discuss her roles and responsibilities to give a greater visibility on her career path.

Hence, maternity benefits for women doesn’t end only till the birth of baby takes place but also extends till the time she is comfortably back to normal working scenarios and effectively managing her work-life balance.

The strategy of today’s organizations should be built around coaching managers on encouraging female talent pool and supporting them in their long term career path.

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