Work life balance for Women with latest trends and strategies

Rajesh Kumar Lenka

Cushman & Wakefield
Compliance Manager

“Work life balance for Women with latest trends and strategies”.

Work life balance in organization is much talked about subject, however one thing should be kept in mind without this productivity along with self satisfaction, stress, loyalty, conflicts, absenteeism, and other factors are associated in daily work life.

In reference to this organization have to balance between genders where woman work force should constitute 30-40% in organization, having fair representation would get better productivity and output in organization as per studies concluded by leading HR consultancy firms across the globe.

Some latest trends and strategies

ü       Having flexible at work for women would give them opportunity to work with ease and deliver output as desired, be in term of timing and place of work, some latest development is work from home and place of convenience.

ü      Job redesigning and delegation is another strategy where organization policy makers and managers can play lead role to balance the work and social life on equal footing, making women workers at ease and comfort.

ü       Employee assistant and wellness program most common initiatives taken by HR department these days in organizations for supporting women employees to discuss and resolve their personal and social problems, here organization can help them to overcome the difficulties and have right balance towards work life.

ü    Part time / Voluntary work timings for women is another effort where organization can discuss and make policy referendum to give women working force liberty in managing work between office and home having flexible working terms based on their needs.

ü    Focus should on task accomplishment rather than timings, as benchmark on productivity and output measurement, in particular for women employees where performance score cards and KRA should be measured as yardstick not on bias or personal preference.

ü     Adherence to organization policies on work life balance and other international policies SA 8000, federal labour laws, etc being in place which should be practiced in heart and spirit across the organization to have right balance between work place and social life in correct manner.

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