Work life balance for women in organizations

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Work life balance for women in organization

When it comes to working women this becomes a very sensitive issue. As we see so many women dropping out of the regular workforce for family needs to take care of children or aged parents. Many of these women find it difficult to juggle between home & work and organizations fail to accommodate them in their high speed fast paced growth cultures. Hence such women have no choice but to opt out of a regular workforce.

The need here is to provide such women with the flexibility to be able to manage both work and family without sacrificing one for the other.

Today this issue has grabbed the attention of organizations and many are taking initiatives to adopt policies and practices which offer women a flexible working environment to strike the needed balance.

Flexible working hours – This initiative helps individuals choose their working hours in a work day. This not only provides the required flexibility but also helps improve employee productivity.

Other such practices adopted by organizations include shift working or work from home options.

Provide dependent /child care – This includes giving a care taker or nanny allowance as part of salary. Also providing crèche services in the office premises has been adopted by organizations. This enables women to ensure that their child or aged parents are being taken care of when they are at work.

Leave Policy – Making adjustments in the leave policy can also be helpful. In this government dictat of increasing maternity benefit to 6 months is a welcome change. Other practices that can be adopted are providing for special day leaves on Anniversary, Birthdays, Parent teacher meetings etc. Also ensuring that employees are compulsorily taking their annual leave to spend time with their family is important.

Some of these practices are being adopted by organizations today; however there is still a long way to go as far as this subject is concerned.  HR professionals have a mammoth task of increasing awareness among organizations on this issue and taking corrective measures to enable women strike the right balance and retain talent.

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