Why the IOCMI has the Change Field Covered



Frederick Reynecke

International Organizational Change Management Institute


Why the IOCMI has the Change Field Covered

The IOCMI (TM) manifested in a period of uncertainty insofar as Organizational Change Management (OCM) is concerned.  Within the ambiguous loose collection of management practices utilised in the context of

Change/Transformation/Enablement/Communications/Management Consulting etc. services, the word ‘Organization’ was often dropped and it became more and more common to talk about ‘Change Management’ (CM), which is not OCM, but rather a part of the HR Sciences which PROSCI took over so incredibly well, cornering the ‘People-Side of Change’ market.

However, with most Organizational Change efforts failing, clearly there was, and is a problem.  We believe that the reason for this, is that the People-side of Change – ‘Change Management’ was thought to be the silver bullet or scape-goat, for ALL changes. But, because Change Management is seen as a ‘soft’ science and didn’t really have a point of credible entry into strategic and business planning processes – it was setup for failure.

What so often was not realised when Organizational Change was delegated to HR or Change Management Practioners, was that Organizational Change requires so much more attention and investment, then just People-Change Management.

OCM Activities includes understanding what changes across the entire organizational eco-system, not just people, are required to achieve strategic goals. There’s also Mission, Vision, Strategy, Policies, Value-Chain, Processes, Systems, Sustainability, Innovation etc. etc. OCM is all this, AND undertaking the management of changes to all these business areas, not just one.

With this in mind, The IOCMI started with the book “The Principles of Organizational Change Management”, for which I was the unlucky author – taking a stab at what Organizational Change Management is supposed to be, a lessons learned from an immeasurable amount of failures, however diminishing over time, to some wonderful successes.

The IOCMI grew a Board of Advisors with a combined 900 years of experience across 122 countries, fluent in 18 languages.  42 Of these Advisors took up positions as Directors and we never looked back.

Our value proposition which we consider as our contribution to improving the OCM Industry and Organizational Change efforts, covers what we perceive to be an end-to-end OCM Platform which we sum up into 3 constructs:

1) OCM Community, 2) OCM Talent 3) OCM Market.

Within each of these constructs are assets, services and products for people with an interest in OCM, online and real world Change Academies growing a Talent Pipeline, and services and products that organizations can use for Board, Strategic Management and Project environments.

For anything ORGANIZATIONAL Change Management related – we have it covered. We recently developed an OCM Governance Policy which has been well received by the market, and it is definitely the place to start, for doing Organizational Change, right.

If you’re an OCM Professional, OCM Student, or in need of OCM Services, please contact Vinodh Thiruvengadathan on vinodh.thiruvengadathan@iocmi.com and I’ll be happy to set up a session with respective management and specialist teams.


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