What you need to do to hire and Retain Top Performers


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What you need to do to hire and Retain Top Performers

Any organisation which is growing or has chalked out a trajectory to grow with a specific business vision and mission, can only do so, if it has strong performance oriented employees to be a part of the expansion journey!

Top performers are the spokes in the wheel of the organisation which is the vehicle that is making this journey. They can only be attracted with the following factors present in an organisation:

  1. Clear focus of the organisation with a well defined vision and mission.
  2. A clear process driven organisation which can define the goals, targets and the way to achieve them. A well defined process will be able lay down the stages that constitute the progress of each department and the employees attached to those departments.
  3. Top performers are generally very restless and always look for avenues to excel and exceed even their own performances and past records. Hence it is very very important , that such people remain highly engaged at all times. Such kind of  people thrive on structured and engaged work environments which give them the impetus and thrust to meet their targets.
  4. Top Employees need to be trained and developed on the continuous basis to enable their capabilities to be evolved. Hence a strong and robust learning and development function is of primary importance for a growing organisation to retain Top Performers.
  5. An open and transparent communication process within the organisation is the next important thing for an organisation to attract the best talent from the industry.
  6. A visible and proven growth rate of the organisation speaks volumes about its history and what it is capable of doing in future. As the saying goes- actions speak louder than words…Hence the point rests!
  7. A dynamic, competitive and employee friendly compensation and rewards structure is what will attract the cream of the sector to join the organisation. A robust rewards and recognition system goes a long way in paving the way for a healthy, competitive and result oriented, happy employees!
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