What motivates You?


Anita Simson

Manager – Human Resources

Towell Mattress & Furniture Industry

What motivates You?

‘You can’t do it’ – Yes… this is the statement that motivates me. When I hear someone saying this… something triggers in me and I get all the energy that facilitates to get the task done.

The fun is to rise above all the negativity around you. The more the negative vibes around you and the negative talks that surpasses you, the bigger is the energy in you that enables you to uncover your hidden potential.

It’s always nice to work and be in a positive and fun-filled atmosphere; but nonetheless, the negative atmosphere equally should give you an opportunity to discover yourself.

For me… when somebody says ‘you can’t do it.’ It challenges me in a better way and the energy that oozes gives me an inner as well as an outer strength to encounter and arrest the opportunity. And when you approach a situation with such kind of energy, believe me… it works and always works well!

A major part of the world looks for some external angle of motivation without even realizing that the actual ‘thing’ lies within. Wandering for the external help leaves you thirsty and doesn’t quench your thirst for success. This wander for the external aid without any hardcore substance within seriously tires you and drains out all your positivity.

STOP looking outside for help; START looking within- a process of discovering and rediscovering yourself. It should be as simple as seeing yourself through a mirror. When you look at yourself in a mirror- you simply notice the ‘wow factor’ and simultaneously find the shortfalls and the very next step you take- is to cover it up… Right? Apply this practice for your personality development too and make it a regular practice. Keep highlighting your good features- possibly in 3 dimensions and give an improving touch-up for your weaknesses. At every gaze in the mirror, consider to get a fine makeover by eliminating at least one limitation and this would sure shot give you buoyancy.

This confidence in yourself- the self-confidence will motivate you to look forward, do bigger things and leave you at the entrance of gratification.

Motivation, inspiration or encouragement for growing up in your career and to be a thorough profession, may vary from person to person. Understanding what factors boosts your employees gives you a competitive edge, as motivated employees in return, by and large, helps in improving organizational performance Let’s elaborate it by drawing some paradigms that keep our employees going- A result of instant survey in our organization is given below:-

Speaking one-on-one basis with our employees, there was a flash of realization that majority of them got motivated with the other factors apart from the monetary benefits. Employers need to apprehend the fact that the high salary do not always enable you to retain the employees, but a bouquet of many other things… and that’s where the employee engagement comes in. Only by being motivated you can create a super-stirred ambience for others. Be realistic- be credible- be authentic and everything will fall in order.

Wear your factual HR hat, understand what motivates your employees and keep motivating them and in return you would find a phenomenon change on the Organizational performance! Happy staying motivated & keep motivating!!!

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