What do you need to do to Hire and Retain Top Performers?



J Kumar

KSK Energy Ventures Limited

Senior Manager – HR

What do you need to do to Hire and Retain Top Performers?


It is tricky and confusing to identify who is a Top Perfomer in any Organization. The Recruitment Team members shall identify the best resources from the Market. In this process of selling the job and fitting them into the Organizational requirements is challenging, demanding and sometimes risky

Let us see some of the practices that can be adapted to Hire and retain the top performers

The Hiring Process

  • To be able to identify the best resources, Recruitment Team shall be provided with the document stating Key deliverables of the position, keywords to search the right profile
  • During the search using the various optional like Job Portals, References etc., Recruiters should get the updated profiles of the identified candidate.
  • The Recruitment Team shall also identify the factors that enabled these people to become top performers and document the same for the reference of the Interview Panel
  • During the initial interviews, the Recruiters should thoroughly scan the candidate profile and their achievements in all their previous assignments and record the same for the reference of the Interview Panel
  • A thorough background verification of the credentials of the candidates shortlisted shall also help in identifying the right candidate.
  • The Organization in the process of looking for Top Performers shall also note that it is key to hold on to these candidates. These candidates quickly lose focus and start looking for opportunities if they are not given the proper responsibilities and the resources to achieve the goals assigned

The Retention Process

  • The Reporting Officers, the HOD and key resources shall regularly be in touch with these candidates to ensure creation of right environment in achieving Organizational Goals
  • Continuous Communication, Review of the tasks assigned, Delegation of Authority and the freedom to work are some of the factors that enable the top performers to excel in the current assignment too.
  • Above all, it is the Organization Culture that enables the success of these performers.
  • It is the responsibility of HR Department to ensure congenial work environment for the success of these performers.
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