TRANSCENDENCE…the evolution of Transformation


Frederick Reynecke

International Organizational Change Management Institute


TRANSCENDENCE…the evolution of Transformation

It’s got to be one of the biggest frustrations of the last 20 years. This fallacy about transformation has got to STOP.

Of the ‘transformations’ I’ve known and read about, few actually transcended the organization’s operating model, few had clear intentions to transcend outdated business processes, value-chains or social/environmental attitudes.

Remarkable right? But sadly that’s been the truth. Perhaps the instances where system integrator contracts have been cancelled is where the client’s hope was transcendence, not just transformation, and the SI didn’t have that as part of their scope.

Transcendent IT Strategies means getting ahead in the game, not just implementing new technology for the sake of reducing the risk of archaic IT systems, but rather to leap-frog competition by transcending operating models and Function Oriented Architecture. I think when companies like SAP marketed it’s ERP products, they were hoping the market would use SAP projects to truly get ahead in the market place, not just replace legacy systems, doing things the same way.

Cloud Applications are now going to force Transcendence, literally (Perhaps figuratively too) upwards to cloud applications.  Cloud applications are pure in the sense that they have a clear start and clear value-delivery.

Take online recruitment for example. Position becomes flagged as future vacant, vacancy goes online, spreads through for example ‘LinkedIN’ and provides a portal for candidate applications. The hiring manager can vet the CV’s – value is delivered. Where is HR?

So this is really an exciting time for organizations starting up or looking to grow their success. What it means basically is that organizations are going to be forced to get extremely lean and run on Cloud Users alone. Big organizations may not be able to do that as quickly as what small organizations can. I reckon the Fortune 500 cycle is going to spin…

When Charlie Chaplin wrote “A Cog in the Machine” perhaps it could now be a metaphor, and renamed “A User in the Cloud”.


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