The Key challenges of Exchanging Knowledge between workforce generations

Pranay Sharma

Assistant Manager – HR

Reliance Power

The Key challenges of Exchanging Knowledge between workforce generations

The generations are divided into different categories for eg; Baby Boomers, Millennium, Generation Z & so on so forth in years to come. The Organisation which has evolved from 1950’s and is dominating the market currently comprises of a mixture of generations.  It consists of Head of Unit or Organisation who falls in the category of “Baby Boomers” which had different priorities when they started their career as compared to their Head of Departments which apparently falls into the category of Millennium, similarly when they themselves are compared with Generation Z who reports to them. There are many challenges that are being faced in day to day affairs & dealings in organisation such as flow of information, understanding of situation, prioritizing issues ( when I say “issues” it means  “solution “which is of prime importance to the organisation), power distance,  unlearn and relearn, gap of knowledge in executing things, ego clashes and many other depending upon the nature of work and nature of organisation.

The understanding of each other (different generations) plays a very pivotal role in driving the organisation. One has to learn from each other and with respect to change in time. For any efficient organisation it becomes the onus of every individual to exchange, share his/her teachings, his legacy.

Buddha says “There is no wealth like knowledge and no poverty like ignorance”. Hence, in the era Innovation, Globalization , Digitization, Search Engine Optimization where knowledge is nobody’s monopoly , an” Idea” should be welcomed from any age-group, gender, caste, colour or creed without any eligibility criteria of desired age bar.

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