The Changing Landscape of Employee Learning and Development


Anita Simson

Manager – Human Resources

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 The Changing Landscape of Employee Learning and Development

This article reinstates the significance of ‘Learning and Development’. It exhibits a clear picture that the landscape of the employee L&D has been changing with the passing time.

Time had always been an active and passive witness to the Learning and development stature. L&D in the educational and employment sectors had always a significant role that had a high impact on the growth of the institution/organization. In olden times, organizations worked on the idea of transferring knowledge ‘On the Job’, ‘Mentoring’, etc. Today, the fast pace has various platforms to transfer knowledge as the same is available on a ‘click.’ HR should spread the awareness of making it happen- acquiring knowledge should be a continuous process.

During the recession, L&D took a backseat in terms of strategic revolution. The HR has to take the charge of changing the mindset for considering L&D as an investment rather than a waste of time and money.

It was ‘Training’ in those days- where it came as a package with the employment. The new recruits undergoes through some formal and informal trainings till they become fully equipped for the particular job. Learning- now explores a revolutionary arena where the employee willingly indulges and gets developed as a result. Learning, unlike the training, gives you multidimensional facet with regard to the people, process & problem-solving. It reshapes one’s personality and gives a competitive edge in challenging situation. The earlier scenario, where training was given to make someone skillful to do a particular job- today learning helps an individual to sharpen his skills, evolve as a leader and ready for any challenges in any situation.


As stated in the phrase, both L&D together makes sense and the fact, is development is a by-product of learning. You learn, practice and develop yourself and your surrounds. The fact is that the change in the method has hardly effected the process and the results. It’s important to get into the same and keep going.

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