The changing dynamics of Talent Acquisition

Pranay Sharma

Assistant Manager – HR

Reliance Power


The changing dynamics of Talent Acquisition

It is rightly said by somebody that “Change is the only CONSTANT thing in the world”, rightly so human beings or rather HUMAN RESOURCES are continuously evolving with respect to time.  Employees of the organisation are termed as Talent’s and every organisation is having a deep urge to acquire the best of the best for their organisation.

Recruitment Department is known not only for its hiring skills but selecting a right fit for the right role designed. Technology has played a pivotal role in determining the dynamics of Talent acquisition at the time of sourcing CV’s, designing Job Description, doing Job Analysis. The days are gone when people used to think of a dream PSU or TATA’s and BIRLA’s that would enable them to enrich their life and family with life time employment and growth. Current scenario is flooded with 100’s of jobs and educational institutes such as IIM’s,ISB’s ,IIT’s , web –portals such as Naukri, Monster, Social media  such as Linkdin, Facebook are acting as a catalyst in fulfilling the requirement. Organisations are willing to pay the employee whose referred candidate is selected, as it saves time. New avenues have opened for players who want to reap the benefit from the entire process of talent acquisition for eg: employee background screening firm, recruitment consultants having separate consultant for different vertical.

So, finding a “Talent” in a digital world is not a big deal for any recruiter but finding a right candidate with Key skills is a big task. The spurt in technology has not only enhanced in simplifying the role of a recruiter at the same time it has also made them accountable of his association with the company for a longer duration of time. This is purely because of the fact that choices are many for a particular role and big pocket; profitable organisations are ready shell out handsome perks with incentives if he/she suits to their salary band.

The dynamics of business are changing at a rapid rate. Organisations are continuously finding ways to adjust to the dynamism of the environment simply because to stay in the race of a “Great Organisation or Best Employer” one has to adapt swiftly with the current happenings of the world. Therefore, it all begins with the source provider, those who are filling the resources for the organisation to be where it wants to be.


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