Swachh Middleearth

Maruthi Kumar

26th November, 2014

“Is cleaning only the responsibility of the Karamcharis? Do citizens have no role here? We have to change this mindset,” Modi urged. “All governments have done something or the other to achieve cleanliness in the country; I greet all of them for this,” Modi said.
Middle Earth is always conscious about nature and society where ever the possibility MEHR is always happy and active to contribute.
SWACHH BHARAT Inspired MEHR. So we have decided to inspire other companies through our contribution towards nation, with that thought we have started SWACHH MIDDLEEARTH.

SWACHH MIDDLEEARTH: To be an organization with mature individuals dedicated in contributing to the “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.”
What we have to do?
– Simple, we have to keep our work place/area neat and clean on a regular basis starting from today (please send your pictures once you start doing, we will upload it in social media to create awareness and encourage other companies to follow the practice).
– We can also decorate/beautify our work area. Ensure our desk is neat, all the papers, files are stacked up properly etc. All the rubbish is binned in the dustbin. Write quotes on your white boards.

We are announcing top three best work desks in MEHR once in a month with photographs of that particular desk/s, both before & after pictures. A special panel will decide the best work desks/areas, the panel member’s names will not be disclosed, which means that the inspection can happen any-time, any day.


We hope that by the end of this quarter, everyone’s work place should be neat and clean and consistent toppers will receive encouraging prizes. We will give special jury awards to our support staff for their contribution.
We have started this mission on October 2nd and are happy to see that whole MEHR team is participating in this and we are confident to achieve our goal and requesting other companies for similar practices.

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