Significance of OD specialist as Trusted Advisor

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Significance of OD specialist as Trusted Advisor

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Significance of OD specialist as Trusted Advisor

More than anything else, OD specialist must be able to advisethe organization how to utilize and build the human capacity. The trusted advisor is dedicated to expand the knowledge and effectiveness of people, to accomplish successful organizational change and performance. Technology is now able to produce various ‘People productivity’reports without the help of advisor, but it is the job of the trusted advisorto analyze those reportsappropriately andfurther guide strategicallyfor the betterment of the organization.

Advisors are expected to create bridge between strategic goals and people.Additionally to become trusted advisors one must be knowledgeable about current trends, which necessitates continuouslearning and development and create path for essential change management. Attending workshops and conferences, for example, will help advisors stay abreast of new developments and generate optimal advisement.

Being trustedadvisor OD specialist job is structured to achieve the following objectives:

  • Clear about the outcomes that are important to key stakeholders.
  • Effectively develops trusting relationships and partnerships through integrity and authenticity among the organization and people.
  • Create approachable manner and use variety of interpersonal styles.
  • Establish an active network of relationships and partnerships inside and outside of client organizations.
  • Demonstrate effective coaching capability, credibility, and expertise when counseling senior business leaders.
  • Utilize project management tools and techniques to make the highest and best use of organizational resources.
  • Assist individual or group toward achievement of the goal by intervening on and facilitating understanding of individual and group processes.
  • Facilitate group dialogue and decision-making processes by creating a non-threatening environment where others are able to share ideas openly.
  • Conduct effective meetings/feedback sessions by recognizing and focusing on what is relevant; redirects conversations to keep them aligned with goals and purpose.
  • Facilitate robust expression of ideas; produces a safe environment for productive conflict and intervenes appropriately.
  • Assure that the people maintain ownership of the work and increases organizational capacity.

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