Sales Talent Development – A Systems Approach




Sourin Roy Chaudhuri

                                                                Manager, Sales Talent Development-Wipro Technologies

What is the goal of Sales Enablement? Define a sales process that is aligned to the organization’s Go to Market  Strategy? Yes for sure! Define and evangelize the messaging road maps aligned to each stage of the opportunity life cycle? Definitely! Develop marketing content that resonates with the sales reps and aligns to their target customer’s buying needs and pain points? Certainly! Make available tools that guide the sales teams in making informed go or no-go decisions? Positively!

But, above all, to ensure success of the overall sales enablement program, there is an impending need to develop the SALES MANAGERS and assist them graduate to effective COACHES if we are looking at sustaining all the above initiatives and retainingperforming sales talent. But where do we start? Here are a few pointers.

  1. Role Calibration: Often we come across apparently disparate yet overlapping roles in the sales organization. This creates a lot of confusion and gives rise to random activities around revenue generation. It is therefore imperative to undertake a role calibration exercise in order to bring in the required role standardization.Result: Minimized people inefficiencies!
  2. Competency Map: Once the four to five roles are identified in the sales organization, it is important to develop a competency map for each of these roles. Threshold and benchmark competency levels for each of the identified competencies should be defined.Result: Eradication of role confusion.
  3. Psychometric Assessments: Deploy an effective psychometric assessment tool to assess these identified roles to check current and potential sales capabilities. Junk the hunch! Result: Effective recruitment; right people for the right jobs!
  4. Learning Interventions: The assessment results will provide a scientific frame of reference for the Talent Development team to chalk out animpactful developmental road map for these sales roles. Result: Implementation of training programs that stick!

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