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Hiral K Dholakia

HR Director

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To understand to role of HRBP in L&D, we need to understand what HRBP really means. An HRBP role is one that is focused on working closely with management and functional heads and thereby creating systems that lead to the defined strategic objectives and goals.

On the other hand, the role of an L&D person is to innovate and create learning opportunities for the employees. According to some HR experts, L&D is a specialized domain and should be kept as a separate function. L&D professionals have strong or a very long time to penetrate into the mainline business. However I feel that the final objective of the L&D professional is to create a ‘Ready Employee’; one who is ready to face any current and upcoming work challenge. Is this not something an HRBP is expected to do?

In today’s competitive world, all departments need to integrate and work as one team to counter both the internal and external challenges faced by the organization.Why can’t we look at a scenario where the organizations develop their HR strategy and develop their own team members so that they think business and bring the essence of learning initiatives that reflect the culture and the company vision? HRBPs can play a very effective role in managing learning initiatives because of their grip over the business processes. An astute HRBP with a strong business acumen understands the ‘WHAT’and ‘WHY’of a business problem and hence can work towards the ‘HOW’of finding the solution.

HRBPs arein fact the catalyst for creating learning opportunities for the employees and help them grow within the business.

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