Role of HR in Employee Engagement

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Role of HR in Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a core business issue in the present day world.In every successful Organization, HR plays an important role in employee engagement to meetstrategic business goals.To achieve business goals, employeeengagement is indispensable.

It’s difficult for employees to be truly engaged if they are not comfortablewith their boss as employees don’t leave their jobs, they leave their bosses that’s why it’s critical for the supervisors to feel that team engagement is always a high priority. “It is important to remember, though, that employee engagement is not just a job for HR; it must be owned by everyone in the business at whatever level they operate. It must start at the top and filter through the organization. A true inspiration at the top level leadership is also very necessary as it inspires employees to engage effectively; moreover employees feel that they are part of the business and they are striving hard to produce the best possible results. Therefore inspiring leadership is one of the biggest drivers of successful engagement.

The top leadership team always sets the vision of the organization. The top level management initiates the idea of engagement and then disseminates the same to every layer of the organization.

In order to add value, HR can hire the most suitable employees who can best fit into the Organization’s culture, thus creating an initial compatibility between Organization and employee for employee engagement. As Culture cannot be taught, rather employees have to learn by adapting to the culture and environment of an Organization.

HR plays a vital role in facilitating between the stake holders and employees. HR creates synergy between the stakeholders and the employees and safeguards the Culture of an Organization byresolving potential rifts between the employees and the stakeholders. HR enjoys this unique position as it always endeavors to resolve possible conflicts among employees and handle grievances of employees.

Besides maintaining employees feeling of Cultural fit, HR can persistently communicate with its employees by inculcating the Organization’s values, goals, objectives, policies and proceduresinto their minds.Consistent communication is a powerful tool used by HR to engage employees.HR should remind employeesthe company’s mission and values as employees should know the real purpose of their work with the Organization they are associated with.

HR adds value to the Organization by creating an environment of appreciation,by implementing a reward culture and by ensuring that individual and group performances are recognized and rewarded subsequently. Creating an atmosphere of continuous appreciation, encouragement, and motivation can really boost the employee morale, resulting in long term commitment and engagement with the Organization. HR can give a positive working environment and it’smost ideal that employees should receive appreciation from all the colleagues, not just their supervisors.

Researches have shown that, wherever there is a positive working environment and a culture of appreciation, employee engagement and commitment grows accordingly, as people always stay with cultures, not organizations.

Today HR is no longer just the personnel department, HR has really advanced over the years,and it’snow a strategic business partner. Besides employee’s duties and responsibilities, HR can give its employees access to quality data showing people their inputs and outputs. Further access to reporting tools, metrics, and benchmarks gives employees continuous feedback and shows how their work connects to real business results, which actually drives the engagement.

HR can help its employees, finding mentors, who could offer career guidance, give an insight into workplace culture; provide emotional support, and inspiration. Today’s social media tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc can help people find their mentors and HR can itself arrange a Mentor for the continuous training and development needs of its employees. Research has shown that mentoring, training and Development of employees, career counseling can really drive employee engagement. Investing in training programs helps employees develop personally and professionally.

HR ensures the self-esteem and integrity of each employee by combatingharassment and avoiding discrimination. Besides discrimination and harassment, HR ensures respect for every employee, regardless of gender and position in the hierarchy.

Above all the facts, the existence and role of HR is very vital for maintaining employee engagement at all levels of the Organizational Hierarchy.

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