Performance Management of “Vocational Training”!!!


Udayan Shriram Modhe

S R Shroff Aajivika Trust

Head – Skill Development

Performance Management of “Vocational Training”!!!

Performance management in social sector boils down to “Impact” of social intervention, on the community. Over the years, technology is transforming social sector interventions and their delivery mechanism.

Earlier, Performance management was loose enough to get manipulated.  Performance of training could be evaluated only through surprise visits, internal periodic assessments or post training interviews, which would give a feedback of the training delivery and point lacunas, if any.  In many cases, attendances and training delivery used to be manipulated. Candidates would be marked present, fictitiously, examinations would be managed. This was some-how resulting in lower performance in terms of impact on society.  To some extent, it brought disrepute to the entire sector.

Thanks to, increased Government funding for social sector, add to that CSR funding, it became imperative to measure outcomes effectively. Deployment of large funds is always monitored with stricter Performance norms. Incorporation of technology in monitoring mechanisms, has transformed Performance Management in Vocational Training arena. Training delivery is being monitored online over web using “Geo tagged” CCTV. SOPs are in place for the training delivery emphasizing on keeping records of every aspect of training delivery. Be it training calendar, attendance, preservation of CCTV footage, various daily reports related to daily assignments and failure of machinery, etc. There is complete transparency in the system. The monitoring can be done at state capital or from office of ministry in Delhi.

Entire value chain of vocational system in incorporated in MIS right from beneficiary identification, approval of beneficiary, training curve monitoring, target management, placement record and hand holding of candidates post training.

This is transformative new trend in “Vocational Training Arena”, which is benefiting performance management of S.M.A.R.T. Goals. Measurement of Social Impact can be measured by easier means.


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