Performance Management


Karnam Balaji

Senior Manager HR

Butler America

Performance Management

As most of the Organisations are moving away from the Bell Curve model, since it significantly doesn’t justify the performance assessment of individual employees during a period and this might lead to increase in dissatisfaction in job and voluntary attrition in the Organisation. Trend is moving across to customized performance management system, where management is empowering employee to set their own performance parameters which is specific, measurable, and realistic and time bound.

These parameters are broadly divided into two parts: Behavioural and technical skills. Where the weightage is defined based on the positions roles and responsibilities (Ownership, Decision making, Risk factors and accountability). Rather than evaluating his performance at the end of the year, it is best practice to do a quarterly performance assessment based on the behavioural and technical skills and consult them on the grey areas, which can be set as a target to achieve for the next quarter assessment.

This will help employees to understand his strength and weakness on a consistence basis, and provide him an opportunity to achieve those shortcomings. After four quarters he will not be surprised to know where he stands in terms of his performance thru out the year. This will lead to less disagreement and arguments during the time of appraisal.


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