People based Business Intelligence: “From HR efficiency to business trend analysis”.



 Sarmistha Roychowdhury,

                         Dy. General Manager HR-DCW Limited, 

With increasing trend and consistent emphasis to improve and impact on business performance through Strategic HRM there is need to operate HR activities in minimal time. HR is therefore shifting its focus from transactional to transformational activities.

Gone are the days where the HR departments using Business Intelligence were in minority, making now an ideal time to beat competitors by taking full advantage of one of the most fascinating developments in data-driven analysis for decades.

What does big data mean and how can regular businesses extract real value from it? Companies are analyzing their employee data with workforce analytics to answer a variety of critical questions: Why does one sales person outperform his peers? What is the impact of learning programs on company results? How long does it take for new employees to be productive? “Why do certain leaders succeed and others fail?

By evolving the business culture people based business intelligence is budding up to a promising approach to people management that moves reporting and analysis away from furtive HR metrics into a broader business context.

Business intelligence (BI) provides organizations a greater insight into their employee base and helps drive Human Capital Management up the boardroom agenda.

The benefits of BI and analytics for HR are systematic data analysis techniques come with numerous HR benefits. When we base decisions on hard facts gleaned from complex, extensive data rather than assumptions with their inevitable emotional baggage, it’s easier to identify ways to improve decision-making.

People-based BI provides unfathomable insight into essential trends and business context. At a tangible perspective it helps measure from operational efficiency for e.g. ‘Are you covering entire Training program agenda as per calendar’ to effectiveness, ‘Are you providing quality impact programs to employees or there is a gap?’ from cost assessment to trend analysis; and from ad hoc ‘what if?’ analysis to right ROI as per planning & analysis.

The technical world has thus very impressively taking a grip with its efficient & high end gear by the process of automation combining software tools like SAP etc.,process mechanization thus evolving people management priorities & aligning cost with planned result of policies aimed at “Managing away expenses” with better people based BI resulting HR efficiency to business trend analysis.

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