Our Employees – The most valuable intangible asset


Keshav Sridhar                                                                                                           Keshav Sridhar

                                                             Author & Founder- ORATE Training & Placement Services 

People make or break an Organization. Whether it is the employee, customer/client or vendor; the wheels of a business keep moving because of the people associated with it. Synergy among all these stake holders ensures ‘bon voyage!’ for all the folks at stake.

In today’s world of e-commerce, a click of a mouse and few comments chattered in social media can change the fate of a business. A mistake may turn out be a blunder and cost the company a project and worst, credibility/good will. The intangibles are irreparable / irreplaceable and people are the most valuable intangible asset for any organization.

If people within are unhappy, people outside (customers) can never really be made happy. Internal customer service is a very good indicator of external customer service.

However, not many companies are able to treat people as PEOPLE. Today’s corporate world screams for numbers. The investors and the top management need results and the demand is loud and clear, “Perform else Perish”. Managers across functions/levels are forced to become the ring masters. More often than not, board rooms become a circus and it is just a matter of time before the employees get disconnected and disassociated. Inter/Intra departmental fights & lack of synergy breeds rapidly in such environment resulting in an Organizational break down sooner or later.

Employee dissatisfaction surely translates into customer dissatisfaction. Hence, it is prudent to “Treat” employees as the most important stake holder.

It is not just about investing money on goodies or hikes; it is about “nurturing” a culture of TRUST, collaboration & appreciation.

Learning & Development activity in many companies is a one day team building activity at resorts where in the HR/Training teams are used as clowns and fairies trying to make quick fixes. It is highly important to have a structured process of learning/training & development which drives and strengthens the organizational values within each individual for greater synergy.

Our employees are the brand ambassadors of our business. Triumphant are those companies whose employees take pride in associating their identity with that of the company.

Wishing your business the best of all intangibles. ‘Happy People, Prosperous Business’. God Bless.

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