On boarding starts the minute candidate accepts the offer


Neha Saini

Manager- Human Resource

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On boarding starts the minute candidate accepts the offer

You have sourced the right candidate, interviewed him, offered the best compensation & role and he is ready to join but does that end your job as a recruiter. No! The immediate next step that a recruiter should take the minute candidate accepts the offer is On-Boarding.

Since you (the recruiter) are the first person who interacted with the candidate, it is only YOU who can start building the relation with new joinee the moment he has decided to work with your organization. Provide him with all necessary information that he would need to enrich his joining experience. Take him through the job description once again to reassure him about the role that he will be managing and how will that actually contribute to the organization’s goal. Show him the bigger picture by relating how this role will help him for his personal growth in career as well.

Your interaction with the prospective new joinee in regular intervals will also indicate about his certainty of joining the organization. It will help you avoid a scenario where your expected new hire might just drop the offer at the last minute. Spend time in talking to them by asking questions like how are they planning their first week in the new role or what few things they would like to do on day 1. Try to make your onboarding experience little customized basis the level at which person is joining, company or industry he is coming from, his previous background, etc  so that when he compares the experience with his previous company, you can standout and take an edge. Especially if someone is relocating, ensure you are not forgetting their family too. Provide him full support in finding a home to stay or even may be guidance for finding a school for their children.

After this is done, takeout time to plan out how new hire will be introduced into your company which will also affect their future performance and tenure with the organization. Make use of technology and complete as much paper work before actual day of joining so that you can make first day a full of personal interactions with teams or senior leaders. Don’t miss to ensure that his team is aware about his joining and they don’t give him surprise look. Take care of smallest of things like his workstation, his laptop, necessary stationary items at his desk, employee handbook, chart of organization structure and all important points of contact.

To leave long lasting impression, remember their family. You can keep a welcome note with some chocolates or a company souvenir waiting for him at his desk which he can take home for his family.

So while term Onbaording is all about joining experience post person has joined, it actually begins the minute candidate accepts the offer. Ensure you take care of them from the day of offer to avoid last minute drop outs and to have better joining rate.

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