MEHR In-Company Workshops Oct-Dec 2013

Schneider Electric has tied up with us for conducting Train the Trainer programs for all their In-House trainers . As a Training and development company, Middle Earth has undertaken the project of conducting the workshops and certifying the In-House trainers through a customized 3 day TTT program, which includes Pre and Post Assessment of the participants through video mirroring exercise. Previously we conducted the TTT program for the Schneider offices in India but have now started the project for the international offices as well. This quarter Ms. Kalpana Arora facilitated the Global TTT program for Schneider, Singapore. We also had Mr. Ronald Raj facilitating the TTT training for the Rudrapur plant in India and Ms. Priya Iyer at the Bangalore office in India.

In the month of October, Mr. Nitin Sanker had conducted a one-day Managerial Development Training for the Senior Level Employees at MAQ Software, Hyderabad. This one day training was followed by a one day Leadership Development training for the mid level employees of the company.

Ramky Enviro Engineers Ltd.

In-House Training for Ramky Enviro Engineers Ltd.

Dr. Aveena Gudapatti – one of our Senior trainers and also a member of our Board of Directors; facilitated a one day training program for Ramky Enviro Engineers Ltd. The training was conducted on Negotiation Skills for the Sales team.

At the end of the Quarter, we had a Certified Score Card training program for the Senior professors at Indira Institute of Management, Pune. The two day training was facilitated by Mr. Raj Aphale.

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