Mastering Change: Why Organizational Change Fails


J Kumar

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Senior Manager – HR

Mastering Change: Why Organizational Change Fails


Most of the Organizations who look forward and wish to be dynamic always welcome changes in the World. The definition of the Organization here means the People who are actually running the Organization at the Top Level and the Strategic Level. These are the so called Visionaries of the Organization who wish to take the Organization to the next level and work towards reaching the Pinnacle and become the Market leaders in their area of expertise

The Actual Process

In this process of becoming the Market leaders and with the zeal of proving their expertise and dominance, most of the key people in the Organization often fail. The basic reasons may be as follows

  • Failure in their Core strengths in terms of their Product Expertise / Domain Expertise
  • Understanding the current systems, processes and policies those govern the day-to-day activities
  • Understanding the calibre of the Manpower available within the company
  • More importantly, the Organization Culture that drives the Company

Any Organization succeeds in handling the Change Management only when the environment embraces the change that is coming in. The People, Systems and Processes shall be flexible and adaptable to the changes. More importantly, ATTITUDE of the key people who drive the change should be positive

The change that is to be introduced should not be revolutionary but should be evolutionary. The change can be swift but cannot be radical which imbalances the total harmony in the Organization


Any Change in the Organization succeeds only when the People, Systems, Processes and the Culture are receptive. Lack of thought and approach shall kills the change and the Organization Fails.

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