Live Thy Dreams!!!


Anita Simson

Manager – Human Resources

Towell Mattress & Furniture Industry

Live Thy Dreams!

Dreams are the most powerful source of energy! Time and again you must have come across this catchphrase. You may have heard this n’ no. of times… yet shown some reluctance to believe it. Seriously- have you believed it truly, wholly and utterly? And if yes, how far have you believed it and tried to live your dreams?

Being skeptical on deeming that dreams are not to be dreamt and realized; but just to fantasize… is a most common notion.

‘Dreams’… let’s keep the word as dreams. I do not want to use any of its synonyms, as for the simple reason- it sounds so serene, so pure and thus no other word will complement the feeling so beautifully. I honestly do not want to use any other synonyms for dreams. As this word is big enough, beautiful enough and heroic enough to portray and demonstrate what it is meant for. So let’s address it as ‘dreams’ only… it’s phenomenal.

Dreams- what are they?  A few responses derived to this question are:-

  • Have dreams…. It’s a wonderful feeling.
  • It’s just a dream… can’t imagine of bringing them into life.
  • Had dreams…. Got frustrated in the process of realizing them.
  • Wake up and work towards its.
  • A step towards your ambition.
  • What a waste of time? Just get into some action…

According to me, my experience says that it may have several definitions or ideas; but it yields surefire results. It’s all about taking the baton in your hands- primarily, to dream big, believe strongly and then to shaping it up into realization. When the word

‘Dream’ strikes- for me… is – Dare to dream and most importantly ‘Live thy dreams’!

Dream big and dream more… this substantiates your living. Dreams help you stay alive. You know that you need to attain this dream and you strive in the right direction. Yes, moving in the right direction is significantly important than simply moving. See it, feel it, touch it and hold it… and realize you are very much on the right direction. Sooner or later, your dreams, if executed well, will materialize and will start feeling the sense of achievement… and you will live it. Let it not die and let it not turn into illusion.

If you don’t take your dreams seriously; personally- chances are high that you won’t bother to fulfill it. And after years you will regret for not doing so. Dreams are very personal… it sounds and looks big- when it is backed-up with your effort, exertion and determination. Better try than regret and time has always proven that sincere tries always win.

Having dreams make you sound like a forward looking professional. You, being in any profession, should be having an enduring vision and a clear path for your development. Being a forward looking personnel, helps you to be future proofing and incites you to understand the market scenario, instigates you to be competitive, prompts you to be knowledgeable and arouses you to stand ahead in the business world.

Someone recently asked me: Is there anything wrong, if my dreams change every day?

Here, he was pointing out his dreams, as his ambitions in life keeps changing every now and then. Do you think this sounds as a weakness?

What’s your take on this?

For me- keep dreaming and keep dreaming more… more in your platter empowers you with choices. It’s very much acceptable to keep changing your dreams- change in your dreams portrays that you are very much living and only a living person can imagine and aspire differently. One without a dream is just existing and not living. It’s like an ocean having waves every now and then and thanks for not being the stagnant water pond- where no life exists. Here, if you keep a persistence of dreaming and dreaming big, I need not tell you the difference of just existing and living. Your dreams needs to change and you need to dream every day. It shows you as living and wanting to do various things. Once you have platter full of things, you will ultimately move into the right direction and at least achieve some of the things that you were dreaming of. So, no dreams is no drives and thus no life. Don’t stop dreaming. Keep your dreams alive… this will take you far ahead.

Dreaming is a waste of time… My dreams were never fulfilled? … Another question.

This totally sounds like a frustrated struggler; who had strived but in vein. No positive talks can correct him. Here, a short story of a butterfly caught up in a room and wanting to fly out would at least help the person find some light at the end of his tunnel. It was a dark room and the only light coming in was from the outside glittering world… the butterfly pushes himself hard to fly out to the direction he could see the glitters’ but every time it bangs on some surface and falls down. Little, did he know that he was trying his hard luck every time on a glass wall? He tried persistently, sincerely and with all the desire to be out, but he failed. Finally, it died not even realizing that there was a wide door open at his back; from where he could easily fly out.

What was the reason of its failure?  Less effort, no will or giving up attitude?

No, he had strived hard and we can believe that he had all the quality to reach the external world. But had he put all his effort to change his direction he would have succeeded. When you fail for the first time, second or be it a consistent practice… take two-three steps backward and put a considerable thought on your actions, your directions and your dimensions… stop and identify what you lack and where you go wrong. When you could change this; chances are great that your results will also change. It’s simply the theory of ‘Cause and Effect’.

This context probes me to the wise old saying … ‘Where there is a will; there is a way’-quite dreamy line- isn’t it?? And very true, but with an extension would sound more practical- ‘Where there is a will; there is a way- If not, create one!’ Yes… now it is a living line. It’s very much true that in order to reap the benefits- only ‘will’ doesn’t help; you need to find a way or construct a way. The exercise from dreaming to the living makes it more mighty, more weighty and thus more beautiful. Now, this is what is dream for me! Live thy dreams!

I realized what it means to be a forward looking and wearing the HR hat, it’s one more added feather to be a ‘Forward Looking HR. Undeniably & unquestionably, a fine HR habit to be developed.

I would not want to stop now from looking ahead… I am unstoppable! I am living my dreams and you should live yours.





























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