Lessons Best Learned Early in your HR Career


Anita Simson

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Lessons Best Learned Early in your HR Career

Learning- is every day, everywhere and it happens every moment. Learning is an incessant activity, atleast for some. For me, every activity ends up teaching you something or the other. We either learn deliberately something that needs to be grasped for task fulfilling and there are some other things that are gathered on the go. And, I truly feel the gathered ones- those are the real skills you learn- to tactfully encounter any situation.

Few things that the corporate world taught me and will always work wonder for anybody are:

  • Boss is always right.

Your ideas are not well accepted if your relationship with your reporting boss is strained; always stay in his good books with your commendable job and you will learn and grow incessantly. Good work will only help you and don’t get me wrong…and do not ever get into the buttering job.. this doesn’t last long.

  • Be Realistic

Being realistic to the situation helps me to set and get the real value. The term of being positive has not always worked for me. Simply hoping for positive and doing nothing to fix the glitch or just staying positive and not doing anything to work out for the results seems to be idiocy. It is better to train your mind to be realistic and encounter the real situation. This empowers you not to shatter down and get the things done after taking 360 degree perspective.

  • Probationary period

This period is meant for you to get into the right path. Utilize this period for you to understand the company culture & your boss and refrain yourself from not doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. It is not obligatory that you do the right thing at the right time… but it is very important that you may not end up doing something at the wrong time.

  • Mind your own business to a certain extent.

You got a profile- understand the same, master in the same and leave your imprint in your job works.

: 2 :

  • Be Adaptable

Accommodate yourself to the company culture and if doesn’t fit, look for something that fits you in well. [very much required]

  • Being Coo-operative.

At the first instant, get cooperation from everyone and ensure your involvement doesn’t annoy others and then slowly & steadily cut down the path for your ideologies. Make way for buy-in for all your ideas.

  • Diplomatic behavior

It’s nothing- but to be tactful, thoughtful and judicious before performing the act… a smart move…and many a times, your call is to handle the situation that very moment. Your diplomatic thought or act should be purely based on the demand of the situation and basically, one thing to bear in mind is – keep the organizational objective on top.

Now, I understood- being a HRP, one needs to be diplomatic also and only then you can be a mediator and be a connector between your employees and the management. To be an Employee advocate, you need to have a complete control on your rational behavior and hence one logic is very clear- advocacy is diplomacy. The world of HR, where you are dealing with people and not with machinery makes you different and demands you to be diplomatic. Unlike machineries, people are not programmed, people and their behavior are not predictable and thus you need to handle them tactfully, discreetly and diplomatically.

  • Be Objective

It is not about just being nice to everyone all the time. You need to be work-oriented, people-oriented and finally it makes the difference when you are goal-oriented. This is indeed a matter of being ethical.

Being ethical is not always easy and comfortable. You will find yourself in such a station where you can find things circumstantially right but certainly unfit for the position. At times, this will put you in a fix and will be quite trying at times.

These lessons certainly doesn’t demand you to do anything unethically. Do it at your pace considering others pace at the same time. However experienced you may be, every new company premises promises a new ground for you to perform and excel.

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