Leader-hood: Leadership Skills for Women


Shipra Singh

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Leader-hood: Leadership Skills for Women

Due to the conflicting expectations at personal and professional front women are often exhausted, skeptical or at least guilty of failing to meet them.

“Leadership with womanhood” is demanding to say the least; it’s no lesser than three full time jobs!

But the cookie doesn’t always crumble! Having worked with some super-women across industries like IT, ITES, Banking, Human Resource and Education over the last 7 years, I have witnessed many outshine and set a completely different benchmark of leadership for their counterparts.

Here are certain practices for a graceful integration of womanhood and leadership that enable women to achieve more every single day:

  1. Taking help [or simply put, “delegate”]:Do not take too much on your plate since “one CAN NOT have it all”. Set the priorities, choose mindfully amongst the tasks and get help for the rest. Pay if required. It’s an investment to your career/family which may suffer if you do it all by yourself. Your family, peers and manager will understand if there’s something more important that you should be addressing, provided they know! They may extend help. Take it.
  1. Work Life Integration: Work is an integral part of life. Integrate instead of craving an “unattainable” balance. Make those personal calls while at work, break or traveling. If needed, check and respond to those emails at home; It’s a little cost for your sanity and good sleep.
  1. Aggressive Patience:While at work, the family’s on mind and at home, work is. Let go. Remember the Murphy’s Law? If something can go wrong, it will. Worrying about a problem that hasn’t even occurred yet, kills your productivity. Don’t do that. Patiently talk it out.

Easier said than done, these practices take years to become habits. What follows is a more able leader. Start today!

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