Knowing your strength is ‘Strength’


Anita Simson

Manager – Human Resources

Towell Mattress & Furniture Industry

 Knowing your strength is ‘Strength’

Strength- who doesn’t have it?? Strength to one is a weakness to someone… and the key point is to make over this weakness and enjoy the show.

Strength is a forte, métier and sovereignty found within. It just needs to be discovered, understood and utilized for betterment. Strength is an inner quality to be exhibited and exploited to the core.

Strength is a gift that is already given to you and now You, as a receiver has the full authority to know it and unveil it to the brightest cause. These are the inner qualities which builds-up your social, mental and intellectual level. And there are some qualities that is acquired as you grow and some others that you need to gather on an everyday basis.

The now acquired qualities strengthens you amongst the others and will find yourself distinctive from them. The quality of staying one step ahead from others itself boost your morale and elevates your confidence.

Being a HR professional, you now already wear an exceptionally unique hat- go on adding feathers to the same. Learn from anything and everything that crosses your way and add on to your strengths. Transfer the same in your everyday working style and you will find your people more responsive, more authentic and ultimately more productive.

When I say learn from everything- literally means the same- learn from and respond to every situation. Facilitate your people to identify their strengths. An employee who fails to communicate effectively- help him improving his communication skill, someone who fails miserably in delegation- make him do something he is better in, someone who loses his temper may not handle the customer service job, someone who fail to understand others to be focusing on interpersonal skill, someone who doesn’t have the ethics may not continue with you, etc., etc. Formulate yourself to think, respond & act diplomatically, as no one should be above the organization.

I believe the more you ponder on your strengths- the more you become strong and vice versa- that’s- more you ponder on weaknesses- weaker you become. Yes… you read it right! Don’t get into detail of your weaknesses, but simply understand the same, work on it- transform it to a strong point, correct it or at the worst let it go off. Do not waste your time on this… instead focus on your strengths, add some and add some more. Add what others don’t have and standout in the crowd. This makes you outstanding- stupendous- exceptional. Give your workplace the best, enable your employees become superior, make your management remarkable and finally your organization- ‘The Employer of Choice’- wherein everyone wants to come and give their best!

For me- staying aloof of your strength is a weakness! Know, comprehend and strengthen your strengths and stay strong!

Make the utmost of the term ‘Human Resources’… the resources that comes with strengths and weaknesses, that could be developed, recuperated and that could be transformed as one of your finest asset.

Practice ‘Kaizen’- A Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices, personal efficiency, etc. Strengthen yourself, strengthen your surrounds …

…And… see the difference… Now you see yourself wearing HR hat with pride & satisfaction and see the phenomenon change!

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