Key challenges of exchanging knowledge between workforce generations



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Key challenges of exchanging knowledge between workforce generations

Summary: The below article talks about the criticality of knowledge transfer as a process and the obstacles that may come across your way thereby interrupting or affecting the process negatively.

In any organization, knowledge transfer is a very critical aspect of every process. Hence this topic has garnered a lot of audience right from the Junior Executive to the Top Management and constantly pinching them of think about the pitfalls or challenges faced during this entire process of knowledge transfer between work force generations, and even thereafter. The main objective of knowledge transfer is to capitalize on it or in other words to transfer individual knowledge into organizational knowledge.

The two cases where exchange of knowledge usually occurs are as listed below:

  1. Greying of the population in a company
  2. A key/critical resource moving out for better prospects

In both these cases, the exchange is knowledge is too sensitive a process and needs to be handled with utmost seriousness. But during this entire process of exchange, you may come across a lot of obstacles. A few or the most important ones are listed below:

  1. Generation gap / age difference
  2. Experience matters
  3. Awareness of advanced methodologies / technologies
  4. Knowledge transfer happening between two people based at two different locations – the change in time zone will also have an impact on the process.
  5. Effectiveness of training
  6. Loss of expertise or required skill sets for the job
  7. Language barrier
  8. Willingness to transfer knowledge
  9. Reluctance in sharing insights about managing key customer relationships / tasks


Conclusion: Considering the challenges faced, in order to achieve successful transfer of knowledge, innovative solution needs to be developed and executed to overcome these obstacles.

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