Aiman Fatima

PGDM 2013-15, IMT Hyderabad

Aiman Fatima

Aiman Fatima
PGDM 2013-15
IMT, Hyderabad


Being an HR student, it was a major concern for me to intern in a company where I could get comprehensive knowledge about HRM and bag a good project in this field. Middle Earth HR provided me the right platform to know the HR fraternity better. Middle Earth, the 7th largest HR training company in the world in terms of the number of people certified every year, designs training programs for managers at all levels to help them enhance their leadership and managerial skills and enables them to manage themselves, their organisation and achieve collective goals efficiently. The project which I am assigned is in the area of product research for a Personal Leadership training program. As an intern, I got the opportunity to learn about the scientific approach of Industrial Design by using SO3R Techniques, Reigeluth Diagram, Gagne’s storyboard, etc. I have been assigned weekly milestones for my project and have weekly reviews with the CEO to get an insight on the progress of my program and get guidelines to proceed further with it.

Apart from gaining the knowledge on how to design a program from scratch, there are various other learning which come along, being a part of Middle Earth. We are assigned minor projects as well where we assist the employees of Middle Earth in the ordinary course of business. In the first week itself I got a chance to be a part of the Chief Learning Officer (CLO) Forum organised by Middle Earth at Celebrity Boutique Hotel wherein the HR & L&D Heads of various organisations had come together to discuss the latest trends in Learning and Development (L&D), best practices and the pain areas of L&D. It was a great exposure helping my seniors in organizing the event and also witnessing the same. Besides this, I also got a chance to experience the recruitment process at Middle earth HR for the post of Sales Executives. I, along with my fellow interns, was a part of the Assessment Center as well and even got an opportunity to sit through the interviews with the panel members. We learnt about various mistakes which we often do when we are on the other side of the table as candidates. At the same time we learnt how to convincingly fulfill the responsibility, being the recruiter to the company, to select the right candidate for the right job for the firm we represent. It was an insightful experience to witness the candidates give presentations and to participate in role plays conducted for them and thereafter discuss with our seniors how and why the candidate should be selected.

Well, this is not it. Our learning as interns does not end here. Every day in Middle earth has something new to learn. If we talk about the work culture, the environment is very friendly and congenial for an intern to comfortably work through. We have the morning hurdle in the Board Room where everyone right from the interns to the CEO, gather and discuss about what they achieved the day before and their action plan for the day. It reflects the transparency in the system and every week some perks (like chocolates) are also awarded to the best performer in each department. The employees seem to be motivated to work and have enough liberty to interact with each other and their superiors as well. The superiors also make a point to get work done but at the same time have friendly conversations with their subordinates to lighten up the work load.

Not to forget, the exciting experience of the’ Fun Friday’ I had last week, conducted in the second half of the day wherein all the employees gathered together to know each other better and play team building games through role plays and other similar activities.

To sum up, my experience at Middle Earth HR has truly been an enlightening one till date. I hope to learn much more in the remaining days to come which will help in enhancing my knowledge as an HR intern.

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