IMT Campus to Corporate Program

26th November, 2014

Rohit Joshi

All the trainers had geared up for the IMT Campus to corporate program which was scheduled for a week. Upasana, Vidya, Deepa, Ramya, Nasrullah, Praveen, Anupama, Shuvam, Jyotsana and Rohit.
We somehow managed to reach the destination on time before schedule. We got introduced to the trainers. It was 9 am Upasana had given a presentation on Middle Earth HR and what would be covered for the remaining weeks. Questions raised by the students shown a lot of curiosity. We all started to our assigned trainers to pair up for aptitude test of 90 mins. Pin drop silence as all the students were writing the aptitude test. Immediately, after the test we had to break for lunch, as soon as we were done with the lunch all the trainers were back on job to break the Ice between students. Each group was given a role to perform in a given time frame which they did in a wonderful way. Review time now; each and every segment of the aptitude test like Data Interpretation, Quantitative techniques, Verbal ability and reasoning. Students were on toes and had shared their views during the interaction.
It was 4.30 pm now & all of us (trainers) were assigned and allocated with students for Mock Interviews. On an average each trainers conducted 6 to8 interviews depending on the availability of the students. They were all excited as it would help them overcome the fear to face stress interviews.
That’s how our day one was filled with Introduction, Company Presentation, Aptitude test, Ice Breaker, review of aptitude and mock Interviews.
When the training started, we 6 trainers Shuvam, Vidya, Ramya, Nasrullah, Praveen, Anupama and Rohit were assigned with 6 different classes. Each day we had set expectations with the students and by the end of the day we would inform them these are the topics which they had asked to cover and did them as per their request.

4 topics which were broadly covered during a week long program are as follows:

  • Communication Effectiveness

o Public Speaking
o Interpersonal Skills

  • Resume Preparation
  • Group Discussion

o Tips for participating in a GD
o Mock GD

  • Personal Interviews

o Tips for participating in an interview
o Mock Interview


Every day was an enormous learning for both of us trainers and students. Now, it was time to the end of the program. All trainers had shared their feedbacks with students on how well they can perform to get the best offers during the campus recruitment drive. All had shown great support and were seeking feedback and introspecting about their strengths, weakness and areas of improvement.

It was time for the post assessment for aptitude on the seventh day. This time the test was set with more though provoking exercises and review was done after the 90 min test which was scheduled to test their ability. By this we were successfully able to complete the campus to corporate program for IMT –Hyderabad.

Finally, after a weeklong hectic schedule all the trainers had to submit the feedback forms which they had made a note during mock interviews. All the trainers Shuvam, Ramya, Nasrullah, Praveen, Vidya, Anupama, Jyotsana & Rohit were very supportive and flexible for the unplanned changes during this program.

Thanks to Kalyan for his support during the week long program; Manoj & Deepa for Planning, organizing and successfully managing and coordinating the event and making it a big success.

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