Importance of Recruiters as Sourcers

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Importance of Recruiters as Sourcers


What is a sourcer? He is the person who finds people for a position primarily through cold-calling, database mining, and networking, while being employed by an agency or a company. In recent times, sourcers are thought to have typically a low profile in the recruitment hierarchy, and many a sourcer is just thought to be a backend, low-experience, low-competency person, just pulling out CVs like an automaton.

Smart hiring organizations however give sourcers the respect and recognition that they deserve. They know that their recruitment processes are based on the base created by the sourcers. Some organizations have their higher level recruiters also do their own sourcing so as to have better quality control. If sourcing is not done right, then the result may come to a nought at a much later stage in the process. In organizations, where sourcing is still separate, and where sourcers find and pre-qualify CVs for recruiters to run with, their quality of work depends on how aligned are they with the brief by the recruiter about the position.

If sourcing is done by the recruiter themselves, there is significant saving on time, and effort, improvement in quality of candidates, and closure. However, where it cannot be done, then the sourcer and the recruiter need to work in tandem, for best results. And for the recruiter it is very important to be able to source himself; or know how to do it from a past life. In organizations, heavily dependent on agencies, the recruiters can only look at options available through empanelled agencies, which may not be wholly worthwhile. And here if the recruiter has never been a sourcer, he would not be able to contest, guide, or query the sourcer (from the agency).

So, importance of sourcers and sourcing cannot be undermined, it is the bedrock of efficient hiring machinery, and is the difference between early closures and long aging requirements. The vital shift here is to respect this sub-function, and then coach to see that the sourcers are well-equipped to find the best candidates (and not just active candidates) for a role.

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