Importance of Recruiters as Sourcers


Vaibhav Keshri,

Human Resources and Administration

Apotex Research Pvt. Ltd. 

Importance of Recruiters as Sourcers.


Sourcers are Hunters, Sources are farmers. A hunter who hunts for a right fit for a matching requirement, a farmer who grows his circle of candidates through different channels and ready a pool of candidate for prospective hiring!


A recruiter has many faces in the Talent Acquisition team, he is a person with 10 like faces, and one of them being a ‘Recruiter as a Sourcer’. A sourcer uses different sourcing mix to get the right skill, right behavior and right attitude for the right job at the right time within the right budget to have a right impact on the bottom line. A ‘sourcing mix’ is all about the channel used, the diversity of people hired, the gender of the new recruit, the age group of the people (baby boomers/genX/millennial) etc. A sourcer acts as a ‘Talent Acquisition partner’, partnering with the business, with the candidate and building an agreement on the offer between the two. Through the partnering skills he/she picks the key drivers (must have knowledge, skills and behavior) of the job and shortlists the near to ideal fit from the application avalanche, who best matches these key drivers. He also works on improving the CX(candidate’s experience) through the best recruitment process. An exemplary company pitch made by the sourcer about the company and the job to the candidate makes the candidate’s journey smooth through the entire recruitment process. Constant update on the interview process, feedbacks (positive/negative) drives in more brand recall about the organization, and safeguard brand’s reputation. Leading to good crowd sourcing, thereby increasing the pool of candidate. Pipeline management, managing the readiness of the Human Resource function by means of analyzing past hiring trends, critical resource need, predictive analysis in terms of outgoing human assets (resignations), interpreting selection to rejection ratio, tagging resumes for future etc…all builds in strengthening the talent management.


A sourcer is the ‘first point of contact’ for the candidate and drives in the right match for the organization and the right company for the job seeker. Presence of a sourcer in the recruitment workflow deftly adds value to the entire recruitment value chain thereby creating value at all levels.


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