Importance of effective feedback and Counselling of employees


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Importance of effective feedback and Counselling of employees

While you have a priest in church who plays the role of a mediator between God and you and helps to lead you on the right path. There is a human resource champion who will play the role of a counsellor to either make things right or make a passage available to make your every grievance heard and answered.

So when this great responsibility falls on HR to make every feedback and input from the employee count the HR has to deploy all his tactics and tools ready to make the process effective and efficient. The finesse in which the HR handles grievances, counsels employees and provides constructive feedback is what sets the HR professional a mark above the others in business.

Whilst the responsibility does not lie only on the HR shoulders to give feedback and counsel employs it has to be equally shared by the line managers. It is them with whom the employees work, agree, disagree, create success or share failures so it is imperative that they wear the hat of an effective counsellor to combat stressful situations at work and find means and ways to increase their productivity at work.

Whilst we understand who should play the role of a counsellor lets understand the Importance of effective feedback and counselling of employees:-

  1. Eliminates Miss’ (Communication/Understanding)èwhen most of the misunderstandings or miss-communications are generated due to over or the lack of communication. An effective feedback and counselling would strive to remove any void and balance the thought process to come to better conclusions so that effective decisions can be made.
  1. Reduces Conflictè The ability to face conflict and tackle uncomfortable conversations can in fact be an ice-breaker between two people having opposing views. The battle is only half won till either party reaches to some negotiating position or come out of the conflict with some understanding or a win-win situation for both parties.
  1. Gives a clear picture of where the employee standsè a feedback given constructively and with a positive frame of mind helps in giving a clear picture of where he stands in his team. The discussion cannot end without leading the employee to where he needs to reach based on his capability and competence.
  1. Helps build rapport with employeesèAn effective feedback discussion will bring out either the best or the worst in you, so having confronted on the most taboo discussions help ease out the relationship and build a better rapport with the employees. So if you are still holding back a discussion thinking that it may be bad for your relationship with the employee it’s time to confront and see how the relationship in fact evolves for the better. The key here is to handle the bitter conversations with a positive frame of mind. The more positive energy that you send out reaches the employee that will help in absorbing the information and accepting it well.
  1. Work- Life BalanceèThe competitive work environment is only increasing the complexity and work demands in employees leading them into poor lifestyle and an out of balance work-life situations.The need of the hour for many of the HR professionals has become to be effective coaches and counsellors as they are in constant touch with the employees.Through coaching and counselling these numerous problems that employees deal with on a daily basis at work and at home can be dealt with.By understanding the psychological needs and methods to connect with employees will thus help them to sway through the rough corporate life easily and productively leading to overall success.

Thus effective feedbacks and counselling helps in increasing the overall health of the organisation with improved relations, positive work atmosphere and concentrated efforts in striving a place for oneself and others where there is open communication and open minds.

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