Impact of Global Work Culture


Sushil Chander

Principal Consultant, SC Consulting


Impact of Global Work Culture

Global work culture is around us, but what qualifies as global work culture? Is it the western work culture, or does it have any eastern elements in it? Within the western culture, is it the American, British, or the German work culture?

In essence, it attempts to take the best from all, and creates a culture of serving the customer in the best possible way. From the customer stand point, he will like German efficiency, American matter of fact response, Japanese/ Eastern grace and hospitable environment etc.

For long, the American way of working was impacting the global culture, as it was the largest investor and consumer. However, in the new world, many MNCs are not American, or European; and also the customer base is more global than only from a particular country or region.

Companies now have to tailor their messages to the environments/ markets/ countries that they operate in, and so their offices or workforce have a mix of the local and the original country culture. For example, a Japanese person irrespective of which company he works with may get referred to with a san suffixed to his name, to give respect to the Japanese culture. On the converse, an Indian working with a German company may be required to show up more efficient work ethic than normal. So, the new work culture is a mix of the local and from the native country of the company, giving rise to another subset of the global culture.

However, having said that as companies move towards a period of cost optimization, quality, faster speed of response, they all want their workforces irrespective of their work place across the globe to win the battle for them by being even more efficient, innovative, customer oriented, and value adding than ever before. The job traits required for these would make the work force across the world subsume a subset of a global culture valid for their environment. The market work force which cannot adapt fast enough for such requirements, would lose out employment generation opportunities to other markets.

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