Impact of E-Learning in Training and Development


Viveka Kumar Sinha

MX Care LLC, Dubai, UAE

L&D Specialist

Impact of E-Learning in T & D

Quite simply, e-learning is electronic learning, and typically this means using a computer to deliver part, or all of a course whether it’s in a school, part of your mandatory business training or a full distance learning course.

Impact of E-Learning in Training  and  Development can be viewed as a means of delivering three key outcomes: improved and consistent rates of lifelong learning, improved productivity and improved innovation and competiveness.

Employee emphasized just in time training is the premium value added feature of E-learning. E-learning is flexible. Employer can integrate individual learning with organizational needs and provide employee with the knowledge and skills  they need when they need them. E-learning is especially effective at linking  learning with work. Employers can design training system that use equipment and technology that is already part of organizational process.

Cost effectiveness  is considered another prime reason to use e-learning especially for the organization that are already using information and communication technology. The other aspect of cost effectiveness is the value-added realized by using ICTs  for both working and learning.

Through e-learning, employees  control over learning  because it provides improved access to learning opportunities and a safe, non-judgmental learning environment’s-learning encourages information sharing ,collaboration and interaction and it helps participants to exchange  information without the dependency . The key is that the alternative and flexible learning allowed by technology can reduce psychological obstacles as well as the practical difficulties of scheduling learning activities around work periods.

E-learning offers significant social and economic advantage over traditional class room learning. Using CDROM or internet technology e-learning can be delivered on demand, when and where it is needed. Because of the nature of e-learning with its visual and auditory reinforcement of information and individualized feedback mechanism, learning time is greatly reduced.Morever,it helps in monitoring of the learning process, community building and motivation.

Embracing e-learning for training & development is not a just good idea, but it is necessary. E-learning has the potential to transform how and when employee will learn. Learning will become more integrated with work and will use shorter, more modular, just in time delivery system’s-learning. Therefore, Learners can integrate learning into work more effectively.

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