Impact of E-Learning in Training and Development


Vijayashree Pathikonda

Verisk Analytics.d.b.a AIR Worldwide

Manager, Human Resources

Impact of E-Learning in Training and Development:


E-learning is known since more than a decade now.E-Learning or virtual learning has made significant way in marketin last 5-6 yrs. It hasbecome a popular source of Learning & Development platform across all Industries& Education sector.

Employers globally look for various methods for continuous development of their resources and E-learning is such technology that no one can ever ask for. When E-Learning was emerging many HR’s like me had an apprehension will this kill the traditional way of learning, Interaction etc& what will be the Impact of this method of learning?

However the kind of momentum& opportunities that E-Learning had created is beyond what we have thought few years back. It had made great impact in training development, most importantly cost effective, time saving, reach wide spectrum of audience and lakhs of course available online for free and with minimal cost. Today, I can only see few organizations without E-Learning system and almost 90% of educational system uses E-Leaning. Given training session, courses areavailable online 24/7, 365 days people find it easy to learn.

I have been relying on E-learning method for a long time now and one aspect that I find missing is interaction with other participants/crowd,fewer times when I attend recorded version, I invite group of people to join me for session and we discuss a about the topic which solved my concern on interaction to an extend I use social media for discussion/debate.

Conclusion:In fast growing technology world every new invention has its pro’s & con’s, however the desire to grow should make each individual convert every challenge to an opportunity. I personally feel E-learning made its space and tremendousImpact in learning space. It has opened door to explore & grow. It’s just not a platform forlearning also became an emerging business area. It is actually a great option for aspiring entrepreneurs to explore.

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