HR’s role in Planning a Business Strategy


Sarmistha Roychowdhury

DCW Limited

Dy. General Manager – Human Resource

HR’s role in Planning a Business Strategy

Strategic work is considered a high profiled role in any organizational setup. Functions like Sales, Finance & Marketing are considered to be key contributors to the “Business Strategy”. Going through an old read, a research of HR Outlook- A variety of leader perspectives, Jan 2013, conducted by CIPD says that nearly one in five (18 per cent) business leaders are unaware of HR’s contribution to business strategy.Additionally, 18 per cent say senior HR professionals have no involvement in business strategy at all. Not very happy pictures though however the good news is such scenario has taken back sit in the recent past.


As I understand, be it any function, the core essence of any job is creating value, if we able to answer how do we create value in market and business unit we serve and how does that impact in measurable objectives” we would be able to add considerable value to overall organizational strategic objectives by commissioning a shared mind set and accountability to key performance indicators as HR professionals.

If HR wants to play a role in the strategic space, it is important to understand and talk relevant numbers. According to a research conducted by Korn/Ferry, a leading talent management firm, ‘What makes an exceptional HR leader,’ released in July 2013, global business leaders list commercial acumen as the most valued competency for HR professionals.

Going by current trends we are well appraised that HR is no longer an administrative support staff who all day is involved in process transactional matters or the one who only deals people matters with soft skills. Our roles as HR has now evolved to prominence with much of innovativeness & more of business acumen thus the ability of the Human Resource function purpose and potential is to create an impact & influence business strategy, the subject is heart of many recent discussions also.

HR as a function has extravagance of being one of the only functions to touch every part of an Organization across departments and levels i.e. right from Boardroom authorities to people on the shop floor.

Today global HR leaders in different forums are talking about Technology – Tech HR and to optimise the technicality or to reach to the platform of technical excellence it’s important to manage change to leverage the new age technologies. Managing change is not easy a very slow moving process however with evolutionization of Technology systems HR can efficiently manage talent & play a role in decision making.

As strategic HR business partners it’s critical for us (HR professionals) to think through new plans, appropriate ways of ensuring that services are delivered effectively for enabling businesses in achieving their goals, focus on right & improved analytics, clear objectives, evaluate outcomes among other management tactics the journey of strategic HR’s role would then be much easier !!!

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