HR Training as a Business Partner

Dr.  Sailaja B

Lithan Hall Academy

Director- Training Operations & Talent Management


HR Training as a Business Partner

We are living in the world of partnership. You will hardly succeed if you want to do it all by yourself, no matter what that is – business, family matters, education… All is better when we have a partner that will help us. This is especially well known and present in a business world. The business world itself changes a lot, so if we are ready to catch the train that rides in a direction of success, we must prepare ourselves for the change, we must act as the ‘change agents’ – people who are catalysts for change. So, how can we become ‘change agents’? Only by training, learning and personal development!

World has become a ‘global village’. Many cultures get in touch with one another by just one click of a mouse. Moreover, we are living in multicultular/ multiracial societies and communication with different people coming from different countries, backgrounds, religions is something that is normal. However, we still have enough space for development, to learn and train to become better business partners in companies and organizations. What are the first things we should do?

Change management is a very broad field and approaches to managing change vary widely, from project to project and from organization to organization. The first question we must ask ourselves is – what this change actually means for us, for our situation? Then, we have to realize that the change always focuses on people, it is the only way that it will be lastingly implemented.

Some of the things that you, as a ‘change agent’ must take care of are: sponsorships (ensure that executive level of organization is ready for your training or learning project); involvement (ensure that you have the right people in the design and implementation of changes); impact (how the change will affect people?); good communication (everyone affected by the change must know about it) and readiness (people ready to adapt to and adopt the changes, by ensuring they have the right information, help and training).

So, prepare yourself for the hard work of the ‘change agent’. Prepare yourself to be a real partner for anybody who asks for your help. And don’t forget what Barack Obama said: ‘Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the change that we seek!’

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